Christine’s Natural Look Lipstick

25 Aug

Hello beauties!!! this is me again with another beauty product and that is Christine Natural Look Lipstick , this is one of my favourites as it gives me natural pinky beige look! I have use this several times in my tutorials also and I always wear it when I have a heavy dark look eye shades. I decided to introduce this lipstick to all of you because it’s really worth to buy as its creamy , a good textured and has a reasonable price.

This is how it looks:

I just apply this to my lips 2 times and coat it with peachy lip gloss. And believe me it looks stunning!!

So, this is how it looks !! So natural, feminine and looks stunning with Smokey Eyes!! The cost of this lipstick is Rs. 95 only. It is available in almost all the beauty supply store.

Enjoy your day guys!! and do tel me your favourite lipstick s below..

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My Rs.600 Shopping with Christine Cosmetics

14 Aug



Hello guys this is me again with another Christine Cosmetics. My Shopping with Christine has always been fun girls! I’m so overwhelmed with their beauty products , they are cheaper than any other Cosmetics and works just like an international cosmetics!! Flawless and Smooth textured !! Well I went out today with a budget of Rs.1000 thought that it wouldn’t be enough , I wanted to buy few things like Foundation Loose Powder(fixer), 2 Eyeliner Pencil and a mascara. And you know that just a product of cosmetic cost really expensive. But still i just took the risk; went to the beauty supply store and thanks to CHRISTINE!!! I mean an ordinary girls like me who doesn’t earn that much how would I or we can afford MAC, Rimmel, Urban Decay etc. every time. With Christine I look beautiful and save a lot of money. Here; I would share you my Shopping with Christine and their prices.

First of all , Foundation Loose Powder :

This is how it looks like , it comes with a small brush which completely blends out the foundation throughout the face. It has seven different shades which can match according to your complexion. I’ve chosen the tan shade 342 and it really works well with my skin , doesn’t make my skin look oily at all. It gives a finishing Smooth look after applying the foundation.

Shades Available: Fair, Natural , Ivory, Beige, Rachal, Tan and Peach. Price Rs. 230

Second is Christine Matte Eye Shade

2 Different Eye shades Matte and Pigmented. Code # 3-005 and C-002

Gold and Burgundy  Rs. 50 each/=

Third is 2 Christine Eyeliner Pencil: 

Christine Black eye liner pencil Rs. 40

Christine White Eyeliner Pencil Rs. 35

Fourth Christine Water Proof  Mascara

Cost Rs. 120

Fifth Lip gloss:     Rs. 50/=

So this is it the whole shopping cost Rs. 600/= .What else more would I want  !!! Thanks To Christine!!

I hope by sharing this post would help all the girls specially in Pakistan. Do let me know your feedback and comment in the box given below. If you want to ask or requests feel free , as I’m always be here to help.

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Christine Cosmetics reviews

1 Aug

This is me again Nasreen OR you can call me Srena /Nehasa,

I’ll be posting reviews on Christine in this blog as to show you all how to use them and how this cosmetic looks like on your skin, a lot of you might be thinking that it’s only International brands of cosmetics that can give good results and good in quality that wouldn’t irritate your skin but in my opinion its not just M.A.C, UD, bobbybrown, maybelline etc. that provides GOOD QUALITY but;

“CHRISTINE” a cosmetic product of Pakistan is really outstanding because I’ve been using it for 5 years and it really gives my skin a great and flawless look.No doubt other international products are more attractive and popular but it is difficult to afford them as they are tremendously expensive and you cannot just buy them every time like me or any other normal girl cannot buy those expensive international cosmetics as its not practical at all. I found CHRISTINE the best make up product in Pakistan and their prices are really reasonable you can just afford them anytime you want; there face powder, foundation, oil-free pan cake, there eye shades kits and pencil eyeliners worked really well for me and that is what I use for my models as well. I’ll show you and compare these products with other international and well known products as to prove that there’s no big difference between them.

This is the picture of CHRISTINE COSMETICS that I have with me;

On the next post, I will be informing all the current prices of these products that would give you awareness about these products.

Still more to come , tutorials and reviews on Christine Cosmetics by Nasreen/Srena. Stay with us

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